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Welcome to Pet Easy, your ultimate destination for high-quality cat climbing trees and cat scratching towers at unbeatable prices. Our cat tree range not only features elegance but also ensures affordability and durability.

High-Quality Comfort Cat Climbing Tree for Your Feline Friends

Our cat climbing tree stands tall as a testament to our commitment to quality. Crafted with your cat’s comfort and instincts in mind, cat scratching tower features ultra-plush coverings and a sturdy base, providing a safe and luxurious playground. The non-toxic materials ensure a safe environment, so your furry family members can leap, lounge, and luxuriate to their heart’s content.

Affordable Luxury Cat Scratching Tower

Why break the bank when you can provide your cat with the finest play area at the market’s cheapest price point? At Pet Easy, we believe in affordable luxury, ensuring that every pet owner can access our premium cat scratching towers without compromising on quality or their budget. For example, the Blossom Perch Multilevel Cat Climbing Tree Scratching Tower costs only $79.00 and provides a pleasant place for your cat to play and rest.

Durable Design Cat Tree Australia

We are dedicated to providing the most durable cat trees in Australia. Designed to last, our cat trees resist wear and tear, standing up to the most energetic kitties. The reinforced scratching towers, made with natural sisal, are tough and enduring, perfect for your cat’s scratching instincts. The climbing tower is not just an investment in your cat’s happiness, but also in long-lasting satisfaction.

Multifunctional Garden Flower Cat Tree Scratching Tower. This cat climbing tree, designed to look like a blooming garden, provides your cat with a fun area to escape, climb, grab, and hang out, with soft flowery perches and soft stems for your kitten to hop and nap in the cat tree’s cosy blossoms.

Deluxe Santa’s Spacious Lodge Large Cat Tree Scratching Tower. Christmas inspires this cat tree with its large size and comfortable plush fabric.It is intended to provide a fun room for cats to explore around and create a festive atmosphere in the home, making it the ideal holiday gift.

The perfect choice for a Cat Climbing Tree

Your search for the perfect cat tree ends here. Pet Easy offers the best blend of quality, affordability, and durability. Gift your cat endless hours of fun and relaxation with our cat scratching towers – products built to impress and made to last. Shop now and see why pet lovers trust Pet Easy for all their pets needs. Click to see more Cardboard Cat Scratchers or Cat Beds.


Where is the most appropriate place to locate the cat tree?

Ideally, the best location is where the cat spends most of its time like around the living room or around the bedroom. It is preferable to put it in a tranquil, safe place where your feline companion cannot hear or see anything that could disturb or scare them.

How to teach my cat to use a cat tree?

Over time, almost all cats will adapt to using a cat tree, but sometimes they’ll need a nudge in the right direction. You might try putting something the cat likes such as catnip or toys to lure the cat to the cat tree or put some toys on the cat tree. If a cat doesn’t start using a cat tree, try putting blankets or cushions on it which a cat likes to make the tree attractive to her.

How do I install my cat tree?

In most of our cat trees, installation instructions are often included as well as the needed tools hence installation is usually easy. Should you have any additional queries, do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

What about the delivery time?

Orders are usually dispatched within 1-3 business days. Please be aware that dispatch and delivery schedules may be influenced by stock availability, public holidays, and peak seasons. Delivery times to different destinations may vary according to location and selected shipping options. Should there be any delays in dispatching your order, we will promptly notify you of the status and the expected timeframe.

Does your cat tree offer a refund or exchange policy?

Yes, if you are dissatisfied with our cat tree or have any quality difficulties, you may contact our customer care team within a set time frame, and we provide 14 days for no reason to return.

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