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Do Cats Prefer Large Litter Boxes?

Cats are picky when it comes to their personal space or hygiene spaces and therefore, we find them particular when it comes to the lavatory spaces. Another common issue that people who own cats usually debate is the size of the litter boxes that cats use. Now that we have wet our feet in this theme, let us discuss what can prompt a change in a cat’s litter box selection. Do cats prefer large cat litter boxes?

Why Size Matters:

Envision yourself confined and forced to use a washroom that is uncomfortable and tight. Well, you might feel like you are suffocating in a small space with little room to maneuver around; that’s awkward. This is likewise seen in furnished litter boxes where cats like to have their privacy and space while using the litter box. The use of large litter boxes can adequately accommodate cats for walking, scratching, and burying their feces appropriately.

Reduced Odor and Mess:

This is because large cat litter boxes have more space in which the feces and urine spread out, thus, lessening the odour and dirt compared to small litter boxes. That is why cats can produce their litter in a large and unhindered area since their feces are spread out and this will in turn decrease the chances of walking through the litter and spreading it all around the house. But when it comes to the size of the boxes, it is revealed that; big and spacious boxes always enhance free air circulation which deters the pervading of bad smells.

Multiple Cats:

Large cat litter boxes are even more significant if you have more than one cat living in your home. It should be noted that cats are territorial animals, and placing two litter boxes in one place and providing only one litter box to two cats is not only incorrect but will also lead to stress and conflict between animals. Large litter boxes are ideal as they have enough space for many cats to use without the risk of one turning the other away due to their copyrights.

Preference for Covered Boxes:

These are usually larger than the uncovered cat litter boxes and may also have walls to enhance the cat’s privacy besides confining the litter scatter. However, the problem should be solved in such a way that the covered boxes should be big enough for the cats to be able to move around freely. Selecting a large cat litter box with a lid gives the cat the size factor it needs while also providing a roof for the cat that likes to scratch around its litter.

Changing a Large Cat Litter Box for Your Cat:

When it comes to changing the size of the litter box, it is highly recommended that this should be done slowly and gradually. Cats are fragile creatures or at least sensitive to shifts in their surroundings and their bathroom arrangements are no exception. Put the new box right beside the old one for the first instance so that the cat can familiarize itself with the new box. Once the cat has become accustomed to the new used box, you can eliminate the use of the previous box.

In this case, large cat litter boxes are deemed most appropriate by many cats regardless of the individual differences that they may have. These large enclosures have numerous advantages such that; they provide comfort since they are spacious, have little or no smell at all and are relatively clean. Accommodating the right size of a litter box is important as well if the cat owner wants to give a comfortable bathroom experience for their cat. Click and go to Pet Easy to find more details.

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