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Feline Frolic Feathered Elastic Cat Teaser Set

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Delight in the joyous leaps of your cat with the Feline Frolic Feathered Elastic Cat Teaser Set. Crafted with a mix of earthy jute, fluttering feathers, and an elastic cord that stretches up to 50cm, this set brings the outdoors inside, stimulating your cat’s hunting prowess. The robust wooden rod provides a comfortable grip for pet parents, making playtime an interactive bonding experience. Ideal for indoor cats, this set offers a variety of textures and movements that cater to your pet’s wild side, all while being a stylish addition to your pet accessory collection.

Benefits and Features

  • Stretchy 50cm feathered cord
  • Multi-texture: Wood, jute, and feather
  • Interactive play encouraged
  • Durable for vigorous play
  • Variety of teaser attachments
  • Stimulates natural hunting instinct
  • Long-lasting wooden handle
  • Safe for indoor feline fun


Wooden Rod / Elastic Cord / Jute / Feather


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Feline frolic feathered elastic cat teaser set
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