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Gourmet Ginger-Fish Delight Catnip Cat Toys

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Product Description

Tempt your feline’s taste for play with a delectable set that includes a fish, leek, and ginger, all cleverly designed with plush fabric and crinkle paper. The soft textures and intriguing sounds are just the appetizer; it’s the catnip hidden within that will truly spice up their playtime, encouraging a flurry of culinary-inspired pouncing and batting.

Benefits and Features

  • Textured plush fabric for tactile enjoyment
  • Crinkle accents offer auditory stimulation
  • Lightweight for easy flipping and tossing
  • Enriched with catnip for added allure
  • Safe PP cotton filling for cuddly moments
  • Realistic designs to spark natural behaviors
  • Durable for long-lasting play sessions
  • Suitable for solitary or interactive games


Plush Fabric / Crinkle Paper / PP Cotton / Catnip


24 x 13 x 5cm (L x W x H)


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Gourmet ginger-Fish delight catnip cat toys
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