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Macaron Hue Silent Cat Play Balls

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Product Description

The Macaron Hue Silent Cat Play Balls are the perfect addition to your pet¡¯s playtime repertoire. Crafted with a noiseless design, these balls allow your feline to frolic freely without a peep. The soft, pressure-resistant material offers a satisfying texture for batting and biting, while the charming macaron palette adds a splash of colour to your home.

Benefits and Features

  • Pastel macaron-inspired colours
  • Whisper-quiet for peaceful play
  • Compressible material bounces back to shape
  • Lightweight for easy swatting and chasing
  • Non-abrasive fabric protects floors and furniture
  • Suitable for night or early morning play
  • Cat-safe, non-toxic construction
  • Compact size for cats to carry and toss


Polyester Spandex Yarn


8 x 8 x 20cm (L x W x H)


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Macaron hue silent cat play balls
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