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Ocean Frolic Soft Catnip Cat Toy



Product Description

Submerge your feline friend in a sea of excitement with these linen-crafted playmates, blending softness and durability for endless entertainment. Infused with irresistible catnip, each ‘Ocean Frolic’ toy invites joyful scratching, ensuring a spirited and engaging playtime. Their plush PP cotton filling makes them perfect for a comforting cuddle after a fun session of pouncing and chasing.

Benefits and Features

  • Linen exterior for durability
  • Soft PP cotton filling for comfort
  • Hidden catnip infusion for excitement
  • Claw-friendly texture for scratching joy
  • Ideal for energetic play and snuggles
  • Safe materials for chewing and biting
  • Suitable for all cat sizes and breeds
  • Lightweight for interactive play


Linen / PP cotton


21 x 9 x 5cm (L x W x H)


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Ocean frolic soft catnip cat toy
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