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Press & Squeak Bouncy Dog & Cat Toy


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Product Description

Delight in the joyous leaps and bounds of your pet with a toy that’s designed for fun and engagement. Crafted from supple food-grade latex, this bouncy treasure stimulates both sight and sound with its vivid hues and playful squeaks that respond to every nudge. It’s the perfect pick for an interactive game or a solo adventure, ensuring your pet’s entertainment and exercise needs are met with a touch of whimsy.

Benefits and Features

  • Supple, durable food-grade latex
  • Squeaks with a gentle press
  • Promotes healthy play
  • Vividly coloured for visibility
  • Suitable for pets of all sizes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Floatable for water games


Food Grade Latex


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Press & squeak bouncy dog & cat toy
You're viewing: Press & Squeak Bouncy Dog & Cat Toy From $5.95
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