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Safe Guard Comfort Dog & Cat Elizabethan Collar


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When it comes to caring for your cat after a medical procedure or during recovery from injury, the Elizabethan collar is an essential item. Pet Easy offers a creatively designed Elizabethan collar that not only serves its protective purpose but also ensures your cat remains comfortable and less stressed while wearing it. Here’s a detailed overview of this unique Elizabethan collar available at Pet Easy.

1. Comfortable Material and Design

  • The Elizabethan collar from Pet Easy is designed with a soft fabric that minimizes discomfort. Unlike traditional plastic cones, this fabric collar won’t chafe your cat’s neck or interfere harshly with their peripheral vision.
  • The collar is shaped like a flower, adding a touch of whimsy and reducing the stress pets often feel when wearing more clinical-looking cones.

2. Adjustable and Secure Fit

  • It features an adjustable drawstring closure that ensures a snug fit, preventing your cat from slipping out of the collar or reaching their wound or surgery site.
  • This adjustability makes it suitable for cats of different sizes and neck circumferences.

3. Variety of Sizes

  • The Elizabethan collar is available in three sizes: Small (21cm diameter), Medium (25cm diameter), and Large (29cm diameter). The hole sizes also vary from 8cm to 12cm to accommodate different neck sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your cat.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Available in multiple colors, the design helps the collar blend more naturally into your home environment, and it’s less likely to be a sore sight compared to standard E-collars.

Benefits and Features

  • Impervious to moisture for hygiene
  • Cushioned interior for snug comfort
  • Restricts self-inflicted wound damage
  • Selection of hues to suit any pet
  • Varied sizing for perfect fit
  • Effortless maintenance and resilience
  • Tailored fastenings for stable wear
  • Unobtrusive to daily activities

Usage and Care

1. Fitting the Collar

  • Ensure the collar fits comfortably by adjusting the drawstring. It should be snug enough to stay in place but loose enough to allow your cat to breathe and swallow without difficulty.

2. Supervision

  • Initially, it’s important to supervise your cat to ensure they adjust to wearing the collar and to confirm that it doesn’t interfere with their eating, drinking, or regular activities.

3. Cleaning

  • The collar’s fabric is easy to clean. For minor soiling, a simple spot cleaning will do, while the entire collar can be hand washed if it becomes very dirty.


Waterproof PP material / PP cotton


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When your pet is using an Elizabethan collar

The Elizabethan collar should be snug enough so your pet can’t pull it off, but not so tight as to restrict breathing or cause discomfort. Ensure there’s enough space to fit two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck.

Some pets might find it challenging to eat and drink with the Elizabethan collar on. You may need to elevate their food and water bowls or temporarily switch to a shallower dish to facilitate easier access. Browse our Cat Feeding Bowls collection and find the best bowl for your pet! Allow your pet some time to adjust to wearing the collar. They might be disoriented or frustrated initially. Supervision is crucial during the first few hours to ensure they don’t injure themselves or get stuck.

Your pet might need help finding a comfortable position to sleep in with the Elizabethan collar. Provide extra padding or adjust their bedding to help them settle.



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