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ZeZe Desert Whisker Corduroy Cactus Cat Toy


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Product Description

Embrace the allure of the arid wilds with the ZeZe Desert Whisker Corduroy Cactus Cat Toy. This charmingly rugged plaything is tailored from high-quality corduroy, designed to stimulate your cat’s tactile senses with its intriguing texture. Stuffed with the softest PP cotton, it’s perfect for those vigorous kicking sessions or a comforting cuddle. The potent catnip core will excite and entice, sparking your feline’s natural instincts to pounce and play. Not just a toy, but a cozy companion, this cactus brings a dash of desert fun into your home.

Benefits and Features

  • Robust corduroy fabric for long-lasting play
  • Soft PP cotton stuffing for a cuddly feel
  • Premium catnip infusion for maximum attraction
  • Unique cactus shape for a touch of desert charm
  • Durable construction for active kitties
  • Encourages playful behavior and exercise
  • Safe and non-toxic for peace of mind


Corduroy / PP Cotton / Catnip


Medium: 22 x 32cm (L x W)
Large: 26 x 46cm (L x W)


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ZeZe Desert Whisker Corduroy Cactus Cat Toy
You're viewing: ZeZe Desert Whisker Corduroy Cactus Cat Toy From $10.95
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