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ZeZe Velvet Viper Squeak Cat Teaser Wand

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Product Description

Entice your feline friend into a dance of agility with the ZeZe Velvet Viper Squeak Cat Teaser Wand, a delightful fusion of texture and sound. This wand, enveloped in luxurious crystal velvet, provides a soft touch, while the durable rubber handle ensures a steady grip during those acrobatic play sessions. Infused with the irresistible crinkle of sound paper and cushioned with PP cotton, it’s the perfect stimulant for your cat’s hunting instincts, offering both mental and physical exercise.

Benefits and Features

  • Crystal velvet for a gentle touch
  • Crinkle sound entices play
  • Rubber grip for secure handling
  • Lightweight for feathery flights
  • PP cotton stuffing for soft impacts
  • Durable for extended playtime
  • Entertains with squeaks and sounds


Crystal Velvet / Rubber / PP Cotton


140 x 6cm (L x W)


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ZeZe velvet viper squeak cat teaser wand
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